All Tied Up. 

Sitting off in the corner, I watched as he slowly shifted on the bed and groggily moved about, trying to piece together why he was where he was. A smirk spread across my lips at the fact that I could see him, but he couldn’t see me. Slowly his ability to speak and form proper sentences came back to him as he cleared his throat and tried to speak out.

"Hello?! Where am I?" I could hear the sheer panic in his voice. My ears were delighted at this.

I didn’t respond to him. Not yet. I wanted to make him wait a little longer. Continuing to watch him from where I sat, he pulled at the restraints his hands were tied into and tugged with his feet at the ones around his ankles. A small giggle left my lips unexpectedly as I covered my mouth. His head shot over into the direction from where it came.

"Who’s there? Whoever you are, you’re a sick fuck! Let me out of this shit! Someone will come looking for me!" He tried to convince himself of those things, surely not me; I knew for a fact no one would come looking for him. Not even God.

He tugged even harder at the restraints before I finally stood and walked slowly over to him, all that was heard were my heels against the hardwood floor.

"I can hear you! Do you hear me? Let me out of this shit! You, you…" his voice trailed off as I approached him and let my hand land down hard against his cheek. After, I ran my finger over to his pout mouth, placing it against his lips; silencing him.

"Silence. And I’d advise you to stop resisting before you cause more damage to yourself than I ever could. I have them that tight for a reason."

I believe he was still in shock from the sudden slap his face had undergone because it took a few minutes before he spoke up again.

"What do you want with me? I have money. Lots of it. Name your price." This man begged me as if his money was the reasoning behind him being here. Far from it. I needed to teach this pitiful fool a little lesson and show him that anything a man could do, a woman could do better.

"I thought I asked you nicely to shut your goddamned mouth!" I shouted at him, making him jump on instinct. I grabbed his lips and pulled on them roughly, twisting slightly.

"Ahhhhh!" He yelped through a muffle.

"Now behave yourself." I chuckled darkly and let go of his lips, trailing a single finger down from his lips, crossing down his chin and onto his chest. My finger continued down his chest, circling over each perfectly cut ab.

"What a beautiful body you have here, Mr. Brown." I teased as my finger trailed down to his happy trail and stopped right before his beautiful prize. Or so he thought of it as such, a prize to women everywhere. He was so cocky and I wanted to strip him of this egotistical persona he put on everyday.

"Please just let me go. I won’t tell anyone." He murmured.

"Do I need to gag you?"

I looked up at his face to see him shaking his head quickly.

"Well then. Not another word." I urged him as my hand grabbed his dick and began to stroke him slowly. Slowly at first, letting my thumb run over the head each time my hand came back upward. I watched him as he kept his lips pursed together, in an effort to not make a sound. Good boy, very good boy.

I stroked him to life as a hiss slipped from between his lips. I smirked and bit my bottom lip, knowing he was enjoying this a little too much. I stopped suddenly and let my hand fall away from his rock hard member as it bounced and stood upright against him.

"Oh, that’s fucked up." He released after a deep breath.

"You have no idea how fucked up." I announced.

I began to undress myself slowly, keeping on only my heels, putting on a little show as I did so; as if he could see any of this going on. Once I was as naked as he was, I climbed carefully up onto the platform where I had him laying there, restrained and blindfolded. I stood above him, lifting my leg and letting my heel drag from his upper chest to the depths of his lower stomach. He groaned out as I put pressure against him with the tip of my heel now, delighting over all of this. Ignoring his groan, I placed my feet on either side of his body, standing over him; I dropped myself down easily and hovered myself right over his dick. Grabbing him in my hands roughly again, I rubbed his head over my clit slowly in circles, holding back moans of my own.

He grunted out from the sensation I imagine it gave him. I continued in circles, rubbing him over me; turning me on more by the second. I slid his dick down to my opening, letting his head tease in and out of me as I watched him bite his juicy bottom lip. I leaned forward some and pushed him inside me a little more before removing my hand and sitting down completely on him.

"Shiiiiit." He muttered out in a moan.

I rolled my hips slowly, lifting up and down as I did, to let his length glide in and out of me. I brought my hand down across his face again as I continued to ride him slow for now.

"Shut the fuck up." I commanded.

He flinched and yanked at the hand restraints again. I couldn’t help but chuckle at the lack of control he had and how much I now owned. It was turning me on, more than his dick buried deep inside of me was. I bounced now as I rolled my hips, dropping back down onto him. I kept up my steady pace, letting him fill me up continually. I began to run my hands down my own body slowly, meeting at my center to rub over my clit fast, bouncing harder on top of him now.

I kept my moans to myself, that was part of his torture. No man wants sex without the gratifying sounds of what his sex is doing to you. He would receive none of that from me. I loved looking into his face and seeing the strain across it from wanting to reach out and touch me, but he couldn’t. I rocked my hips even more as I leaned forward repeatedly, only to fall back down onto him hard. My finger still ran hard circles around my clit. I felt a tightening in my lower stomach, signaling my first orgasm that was soon to come. I rode him to my own perfection, allowing myself to explode all over his dick. I know he felt my walls tightening around him because he let a few groans escape his lips.

"Mmmm!" Was the only moan I gave him as I came all over him, soaking his dick. As I continued to ride him, I could hear how wet I really was.

He grunted out and I could feel his dick begin to throb inside of me. I stopped rolling my hips and leaned upward to let him slide out of me. His dick fell against him as I chuckled and decided to ride his shaft, letting my clit graze against his wet dick. To tease him even more, now I was moaning but only because I was giving myself pleasure against him; he played no parts whatsoever in this. Running my clit against him over and over, it wasn’t long before I was cumming for the second time in minutes. As the build up grew even more, I planted my hands down on his chest for stability, as I let myself cum on top of him again.

"Fuuuuuuck! Cumming never felt so good!" I moaned out loudly, trying to illicit an angry response for him. I knew it was coming, because I hadn’t let him get off.

"Fuck YOU!" He shouted, still hard as a fucking rock. This all had him so turned on and he couldn’t do anything about it.

"Fuck me? No. Fuck YOU, sir." I grinned and grabbed him from behind me to push him inside of me again. Once he was back inside me, I pushed myself down onto him; sucking him up deeply once again.

"Fuck yeah. Ride that shit." He muttered out, biting his lip again.

I ignored him and bounced harder than the time before on top of him. My hands were once again planted on his chest as I ground my hips into him. My ass was clapping against him every time I fell back down on him, and repeated the same motion. Up and down, contracting my walls around him as I did, picking up speed at the same time. His face was twisted into a beautiful frown of pleasure as I continued to grind myself on him, bouncing and riding him like a disobedient stallion. I was the one in control and every time he stepped out of line, I would pull on his reigns. I stopped in between sessions to postpone his orgasm. He gritted his teeth every time I did that.

I kept a smirk across my face except those moments when his dick curved over my g-spot, leaving me literally panting with anticipation for the third orgasm I was going to spill out onto him. I was beyond wet and I could feel my pussy contracting on its own again, alerting him and I both of another fast approaching orgasm. This time was different, I knew I was going to squirt, but he didn’t. I fucked myself on top of him as hard and as fast as I could, feeling the build up growing stronger with each stroke his dick made inside of me. I made sure he curved and knocked my g-spot repeatedly until the sensation became so strong, his dick slipped out of me followed by my squirting. I rubbed over my clit ferociously, making it go everywhere, especially all over his chest, his dick and part of his face was touched.

"OHHHHH FUUUUCK!!!" I screamed out in immense pleasure, riding it out until the end. My body was convulsing so hard, I collapsed on top of him, still rubbing my clit and waiting until I calmed down completely.

Once my body regained all of its consciousness, I climbed off of him and off of the platform, leaving him there soaking wet from my juices and hard, still.

"My, my.. the stamina you hold. I suppose now I can see why so many women fall victim to that." I said as I poked his dick hard, watching it bounce.

"Oh come on, you bitch!" He exclaimed out in frustration.

I laughed loudly as I walked down to the end where his head was and placed my hand around his neck, tightening my grip instantly. I didn’t stop tightening it until I heard him choke and gag out.

"This bitch was going to maybe let you cum later. Now this bitch will make you wait until tomorrow.. perhaps."

He tried to speak words, but they were all prevented by my hand around his neck. I laughed darkly again, and removed my hand in one swift motion.

He choked and coughed profusely, trying to let the air back inside his lungs. He tried his hardest to speak out, but all he could get out was a weak, “Tomorrow?”

I began to walk away from him now, ignoring his question. He heard me and he was going to wish he had chose his words carefully. Calling me a bitch was not apart of the game and neither was keeping him here for longer than a day. But plans change and you have to make accommodations with what hand you’re dealt. I would go to my room to shower and sleep wonderfully tonight due to the best orgasms and he would have to lay there with the promise of cramps and an uncomfortable sleep. That’s if he even was able to get any sleep tonight.
I doubt he would though, I may even check back in later tonight and get myself off once more. I really wanted to drill into his head that what he’d always done to woman, could easily be done to him. And this was only the beginning of what I had in store for him.

"Goodnight, Mr. Brown. Sweet dreams, you dirty little fuck." I shouted over my shoulder as I exited that room and closed the door behind me, locking it afterwards.

I could hear behind the door, him screaming after me. Begging me to come back and apologizing for what he’d said. I smirked to myself all the way down the hallway, his screams could still be heard as they grew more and more distant the further away I walked.

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